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Gc Riot Girl

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DANIEL! [22 Mar 2006|01:58am]
I love Daniel!!! Just thought id update....That because i wanted people to know. But i just hope that me and him work out and that he wont be depressed much longer i miss him really i do im hoping to see him soon cuz i havnt seen him in over a week im writing here cuz i barely ever do and im always on my space...Well im out for now cuz im still talking to paul and to my friend tom.
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People I Swear [21 Jan 2006|07:53am]
[ mood | amused ]

People I Swear They need to learn the Facts about certain things and or people before they open there mouths they really do. I hate when people do that. I know plenty about MLK and all the Black History month stuff and What not. Im not RACIST....If i was i wouldn't have black Friend's. Or i wouldn't fucking talk to black people. GOSH Theres a Difference between Niggers and Black people Niggers can be.......................................... WHITE,BLACK,MEXICAN,CHINESE,INDIAN,VIETNAMEASE,Or whatever GOSH people you act like im racist and i went to all black schools all my fucking life except my junior and senior year so when i switched schools i was expecting it to be WORSE...but it wasnt worse we were all equal There i learned a hell of a lot from RITENOUR....when i went there a hell of a lot more then i ever would of At BERKELY.....Discrimination sux i was one of fucking 5 white kids and i was about the only girl there so i had no other choice but to fucking listen to everything and learn about it and like it or not they were going to do it. Its not a big deal just get sick of it cuz everyone makes a BIG FUCKING Deal out of it. Yes MLK was a GREAT Man i undestand that it's just im tired of it being shoved in my fucking face. Cuz it was shoved even more then anyone will ever know when i was in PUBLIC school aka BERKELEY. Well im off that's all i got to say for today.

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Single and Okay with It [17 Jan 2006|10:30pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Well im single now and okay with it. I was with Eric's best friend Josh and now we are just friends i dunno what to make of stuff anymore i have finally taken Ronya and Beckys and Aprils and everyone elses advice to take it easy and slow and get to know the person be friends with them then go into a relationship. So that i dont get hurt so fastly and badly. So yeah but i do still want to be with josh in a way. I was talking to Maria today and we seem to be a lot a like when it comes to relationships which is odd. Its kinda awesome to because we understand each other. I havent updated in forever because i have Stl.Punk My Space and Then Yahoo blog so ive been on my space mainly lately talking to people and friends cool huh? Lol anyway yeah maybe me and Josh will get back together in the future. He just doesnt know what he wants right now and he has a full time job now. and he said it was him not me and he still wants to be friends he kept apoligizing and everything. I really hope we get back together someday. He thinks we jumped into a Relationship too fast which is kinda true considering i havent seen him in over a year last time i seen him i was dating his best friend Eric and that was hella long ago. Well anyway im thinking something good may come out of all of this. Cuz ive been talking to ben and he seems to like me and i like him but i dont want a bf right now. I just want to take it easy and slow as i should do anyway. Well yeah but i got my heart set on Josh but we'll see what happens well im off for now i'll update again soon. If i dont forget....Sara

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Guess Who's Back.....? Yes It's ME!!!! [08 Aug 2005|02:33am]
Well I never thought id say this but boy oh boy was i an idiot to like all these stupid internet guys i mean some of them are nice yeah but omg what the fuck was i thinking? I mean really? Oh well its all good i guess lol Im back though and i do like someone that ive liked ever since before i met eric but it stopped cuz i fell for eric. His name is jonathan and i have a date with him saturday which mind you i can't wait until. I just hope it all works out. Cuz i know he likes me and i like him i just dont want him to go out with me and then me get hurt again cuz im soo not ready for that. Anyway all seems to be going okay so far. The chick i cant stand at work got fired and im really happy because she was nothing but a loud mouth backstabbing 2 timing gossip seeking BITCH and she was sooo annoying so im happy she's gone Kmart is now a much better place:) Well im off hopefully the Date with Jay goes well cuz that will be Great Off i go cuz im getting tired of typing.

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~Chris N Sara~ [25 Feb 2005|01:38am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Well Just so the People Know that I have a New and Very Improved Boyfriend I thought id write it in here his name is Chris and I havent felt like this for someone since Eric and I feel Deeper feelings for Chris then i ever have for anyone else and I know I dont update here Often and I most likely wont Because Im always on STLPUNK but I just thought Id LET EVERYBODY on here know and anyone else who would like to know that I LOVE CHRIS. Well anyway who cares what anyone Else thinks I LOVE YOU CHRIS MY BABY....HOPEFULLY he will be in my arms from now until all eternity and we shall have everlasting love until FOREVER AND EVER. Anyway yeah Im off for now I think Chris is still reading this Journal i dont care I have NOTHING to hide I want it to be known that he's all mine if i get hurt it'll be worth it because i got to be with him for the amount of time i got to be with him...Hopefully i wont because pain is not something that heals in one day and my emotions are soooo strrong about him it would make me be a DEPRESSED PSYCHO again and I definitly don't want that. SO ALL I ASK IS THAT YOU CHRIS BE WITH ME AND NEVER HURT ME AND I KNOW I SURELY WILL DO THE SAME.




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~I Feel Sick and Sad~ [07 Feb 2005|05:26pm]
[ mood | sick ]

I Feel like shit and It's not even cool I have been listening to this Nelly Song for like 2 hours or more ma n I swear I think im going to go lay down until my mom gets home then I think im going to lay down after we eat im so damn tired not even cool man I havent heard from Jeff yet which really sucks Because his phone is not on yet I wish he'd go to Brians house and just call me to let me know he's there and okay and everything and that he's just thinking about me or something gosh is that so much tooo Freaking ask? But anyway Im going to go lay down until MOMMA CRABS gets home I swear I need to go to sleep my back feels a little better April rubbed my back. Jonathan came to pick her up he was like are you going with us I was like No he was like Oh and looked kinda sad he goes i want to drive you down the Street in my Truck i was like hmm Hell? Lol he Still has a Big CRUSH on me he's a cuttie but he's a lil young for me but it's cool he's a good Friend that's it well off I go i have a badass headache I just need to lay down under the fan i feel really DIZZY and SICK maybe if i feel like this I wont be going to work.But I always go to work no matter if im sick or not except that one time I called into work when I didn't feel so well and that one time they sent me home early cuz i felt absolutly CRAPPY. Well night All I will be back later MUAH.

God Bless, Sara


Jeff I miss you baby boy:(

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[06 Feb 2005|09:43pm]
How you really say "I love you." by lenatheraven
...believe in true love?
Your hands sayWe fit together.
Your eyes sayI'm so lucky.
Your hugs sayThis is where you are meant to be.
Your kisses sayI almost can't believe you love me.
Your body saysI just want to hold you.
Your heart saysTe amo.
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~Jeff Met My Mom~ [06 Feb 2005|09:27pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Well My mom finally Met Jeff I think things are going rather well i'd like to see him tomorrow but i doubt i will be able to so im not sure i still need to call my dad and see if Jeff can come with us to my brothers house I dunno if he will let him Though I think i may have to call my brother and ask him i may not even see if he can go though im not sure yet id rather see him tomorrow i dunno though if im going to be able to see him tomorrow or not I  hope soo I miss him already:( He's such a sweety I wonder when April is coming over she's supposed to be coming over tonight. With Jeff though im taking things EXTREMLY SLOW because im not about to get hurt again im not saying he will hurt me but i dunno if he's the one for me or if im the one for him you know? But anyway yeah I guess Im just going to have to see what happens so far so good Im finally off tomorrow YAY:) I get a day off finally My mom keeps telling me I need to go back to Church and I know I do but they keep either sechduling me and I would of went last week but No she just totally pissed me off because she got mad at me for wanting to go to church instead of some Parade that i didn't go to anyway because she said if im going to have an attitude she didn't want me to go which i didn't even have an attitude i may of been a bit Grouchy but....Because it was Morning time But I wasn't getting an Attitude which really aggervates me because It made me miss Church Which really pisses me off because i made a Promise to Paul and Terri and they probably hate me now and think im a pathalogical liar and im not at all I LOVE CHURCH HOLY TRINITY ESPECIALLY:) Well anyway Wait I think I can go to The right of Exceptance I need to get Terris number from paul or something well anyway Im off for now Take care all. TaTa for now hehe.


God Bless,Sara

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~The Real Deal On Jeff~ [04 Feb 2005|11:10pm]

Okay I have a Story To tell You all it's about Jeff what you read in the last...Entry well I have a More in Depth Story for you well here it goes...April Orignally started talking to him here online....She Orignally liked him and Then he was going to choose between me and her then me and Jeff Started talking on the Phone April didn't care she already gave me the go ahead and since neither one of Us met him yet I figured she wouldn't care as in if he would of asked her out I wouldn't of cared well Anyway he ended up asking me to Be his Girlfriend On January 28th 2005Okay the Weird thing about that is my ex Eric asked me out on April 28th 2004 and Eric's Birthday is June 28th 1986 Yeah that's damn scary omg I dunno what it is with the 28th not to mention the 8th of June I lost my Virginity which is weird cuz its one of the numbers of 28 odd huh? Well anyway yeah so I already met Jeff I dunno when I can't remember the date lmao but i do Remember it was at Cue In Cushion Pool Hall. Yeah Which is good because it's different from where i met eric I was just comparing things you know which you know after i met Jeff the Next day I seen him:) Anyway Yeah I guess It's just Weird to me because the 28TH day keeps coming up and it's like Ummm what is up with the 28TH day that's weird to me but I guess it's just a day lol I mean Im not going to say its a sign and that Im going to be back with Eric  because that will never Happen....The other weird thing is they have the Same Last Name and it's spelled the same MEYERS...oh yeah and is middle name is Michael which  is ever Weirder that's Shawn and Paul's Middle name not to mention my Brother Shawn's middle name and my baby nephew Shawn's Middle name I may have spelled their middle name wrong but oh well No worries hehe. Well I just guess I found it all a Bit Weird and had to get it all out to see if anyone but me thought it was weird anyway im off to bed I dunno if....Jeff Is Going to call me back tonight or not I hope he does because I want to talk to him and I miss him he's such a sweety hehe...He is finally a guy who isnt all about sex Thank You Jesus!!!! Well off I go Im rather sleepy Take Care Everyone and God Bless Sleep well and Have a Great day today:)


God Bless,Sara

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~Jeff~ [04 Feb 2005|10:55pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Well I have a New Boyfriend His name is Jeff I dunno how well it's going to work out so im not going to get all excited about it just yet because i mean we have hung out and he does call me and i am going to see him tomorrow. Well actually he's coming to see me tomorrow. Were picking him up at a mall im not saying which one cuz there's crazy people on the Net and Im not about to have my BF be Hurt You lil Fuckers lmao anyway yeah I havent really been up to Nothing Except Working working working that's it for me oh yeah and hanging out with Friend's trying to Catch up on my sleep and what not like that. Well Yeah I dunno i need to get my life Straigtened out I need to see my family more I need to get Back to Church I need to work and spend time with friend's Damn there's not enough time to do so much lol. But I can do it the reason I didnt go to Church last weekend was because my mom yelled at me and said I never go anywhere with her and The boys aka my nephews and wanted me to go to the Pet Parade and we got in a Huge fight and she said I never wanted to do Family Oriented things and so i yelled and said Fine i guess i will go with you and then i guess i just lied to Paul and Terri when I made them a Promise and I totally intended to go to CHURCH until she yelled at me ...Then she woke me up and said something to me about going to the Parade and I said yeah i'll be up in a Minute and I was just waking up and she said well if your going to have an attitude then I dont want you to go and slammed the door. So then I went back to sleep So then she was mad at me for not going to the Parade...Made me cry that night because she said i didn't love my nephews and all that and all i care about is myself and all that and It's not true and I just Was Balling So Paul this Is Why i Didn't go to Church if you don't believe me you can ask my mom.

God Bless,Sara

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~Yay I got A hold of Mike~ [27 Jan 2005|01:42pm]
[ mood | full ]

I Finally got a hold of mike Im so excited and Im glad that he's not mad at me and still wants to talk to me he thought I blocked his Number because it Wont go through it hangs up everytime he dials my number that happens to my cousin when she calls here and to steven and to my sister melissa i told him maybe its the Overland Berkeley Phone Connection Shoot I dunno or maybe Our phone line is POSSESSED. lmao Anyway he told me to call him at 1:50 if he hasnt called by then and I plan to do so. He has to go to work soon hehe he was like and Get Paid yay. Oh yeah Paul Terri Did call me and I Will be at Church this sunday hun:) And she told me about the Right Of Exceptance coming up on Febuary 13th i believe? Well anyway I just thought Id update a little bit im off for now because i have to call mike in like Three minutes it looks like he didn't get through not to sure but it's okay I miss him he's a lil cuttie. Well Gotta Go for now Take care all PAUL I MISS YOU LOTS CAN'T wait to see you CUTTIE.

God Bless All,Sara

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~Mike Didn't Call Me Tonight Go Figure~ [25 Jan 2005|01:28am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

He Will Probably try to call me if I talk to this guy on here off the Internet who knows....Well oh well It's cool with me...I got to Talk to Paul today for like 2 mins:) That's awesome But sux at the same time because it was such a short period of time. Anyway yeah I guess im going to get off Of here I guess Mike doesn't want to talk to me or whatever so im going to go....and go to sleep although I wish he would call i think he started to call around 1:44 last night and stopped at 1:55 which is eleven minutes which turned into 20 phone calls....Gosh he really knows my number By now lmao. Watch he will call all day while Im gone I will be so PISSED-OFF. I dunno i wish he'd call me tonight so I can at least hear his voice:( Maybe I will listen to the Voicemail he left me like a week ago just to hear his SEXY voice before I take myself off to sleepy land. Well Hear I go Im going to go now hehe I think i will listen to his Voice Really quick.

On the Voice Mail he Says and "I QUOTE"

"Hey Sara It's Mike Hit Me Up Later Peace"

He sounds so Cute when he says it to he has a soft but firm sexy voice I just think he's so Adorable I guess i got my MIKE FIX for now
:( Even though I don't get to Communicate with him on the phone or In Person which in PERSON would Be soooo much better....HE'S HOTT HOTT HOTT LOL anyway yeah im off now for sure whoa it's 1:44 but he's not calling BIG BUMMER:( Maybe he will soon Dammit he better.

Night Night Mikey Poo baby my SWEETY:) MUAH XOXO

God Bless All,Sara

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~Shawn Called Me Tonight~ [24 Jan 2005|03:36am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Okay Dude this sucks not that shawn Called but that Mike called when I was on the Phone with Shawn not once not twice not three times not four times not five times not six times not seven times not eight times not nine times not ten times nine eleven times not twelve times not thirteen times not fourteen times not fifteen times not sixteen times not seventeen times not eighteen times not nineteen times but TWENTY Times YES TWENTY Oh My he must of really wanted to talk to me Man i feel special and as hott as he is Oh My man i dunno....It was weird i talked to shawn for 3 hours and he was all Paul likes you im like yeah as a Friend he goes no he really likes you i was like Shawn whatever i know how full of shit he is....Plus i know Paul's In Love with Kitty still so he Can't possibly like me. Anyway Shawn said he called Paul how true that is I dunno. But I wouldn't put it past him at all. Because this Is Shawn we are talking about. But anyway Yeah  He was all you should ask Paul out i was like Nope because he don't want to go out with me.....Shoot I dunno but Shawn is full of it and ive known him for almost 2 years and It took me a year to figure him out all the way he thinks a lot of things are a joke and there not so yeah...But anyway Im off for now I know Paul doesn't like me like that if he did im sure he'd say something so Shawn is just Bullshitting Like always anyway im going to bed Now Im Rather sleepy not to mention PISSED OFF....That I missed Mike's 20 call's dammit!!!! IT'S  YOUR FAULT SHAWN LMAO Oh well I will talk to him later no biggie...teehee Take Care Everyone and Enjoy My Messed up life whoo hoo.....God Bless All and Paul I know Shawn's a Kidder you don't have to worry about me thinking you want to date me i know that's more then 1000000% Definitly Not true Just thought Id tell you well all have a Good Night...Mike I don't think you have AOL but I hope You call me Today or Something I miss you already I miss you anywayz that is hehe Nighty Night Nite Knight Peoplez....and to all SweetDreams and GOD BLESS.



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~I Just Realized Something~ [24 Jan 2005|12:26am]
[ mood | cold ]

I Just totally Realized something....I was Reading Paul's Journal and reading the Comment Shawn had made and how He wrote about Alyassa and How Paul Had wrote about Kitty and stuff.... I came to a Conclusion It's an odd one but it's a conclusion so here it goes if i sound like an idiot so be it if not that's GREAT!!!!!!!!!!



Shawn Used to talk about Alyssa all the Time Shawn hurt me bad...

I went out with Eric...he hurt me bad

Paul Came along and he was in love with Kitty and still is....?

Where I fit in ....Im just the one who has been left out in the cold my conclusion is Im kinda Jealous that Paul

Likes kitty so much and not me but it's okay another weird thing i was Jealous when Shawn was with Alyssa i wouldnt admit it but i was....My Theory Is that Shawn and Paul are both a lot alike and I fell for shawn..But i doubt me and him could ever be now when i first met Paul I thought Maybe I had a chance with him  but i don't think i ever will.

Im fine being Friend's with Shawn and Paul that's Great all im saying is Paul couldn't of came into my life at a better time. I was Hurting Deeply from Eric and I didn't know what to do about it now I admit to this day i still love Eric....But

After all ths stuff he  has said and done to me I dunno if i could take him back or not My love for him totally changed and

turned into Pure Discust...to where I just can't stand to even hear his name let alone talk to or go out with him again.

Maybe Paul's Right maybe I need a GREAT FRIEND instead of a BF right now...I dunno if he will ever see me in the way that id like him to see me. My Theory is that He NEVER WILL...not only because he don't want to date me now but because he's DEEPLY in love with Kitty but even though she's to be married the love will not fade I can say that for sure because after all me and eric have been through i still love his jerky ass. Paul and Shawn are a lot alike in a lot of ways except shawn is a bit evil at times but deep down I know shawn has a Good Heart...I know shawn didn't hurt me on Purpose...I think that Either one of these two would be more then perfect for me  but then I dunno because..once again.

Paul Is In Love With Kitty

Shawn Most likely would take Alyssa Back in a split second so i dunno.

It's not that im trying to Find Love I just Know Paul and Shawn are a lot alike...I think if i dated Shawn again id get hurt

Paul I dunno so much about but I think and everyone ive talked to about this thinks he would Be Great for me

and that we would be Great Together but No One can Compare to Alyssa and Kitty so once again im Shit Out Of Luck Im Sara Not Alyssa and Not Kitty oh well....Maybe one of my Guy friend's Doesn't have an Alyssa or Kitty I have a big Crush on Mike I doubt that would last either oh well....FRIEND'S ARE ALWAYS GREAT TO HAVE.




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~This Goes Out To Paul~ [23 Jan 2005|11:49pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Im sorry I didn't e-mail you tell you that I didn't feel well enough to go to church I feel bad now for not e-mailing you and I don't want you thinking that it's not that i don't want to go I didn't feel like getting out of bed Ive been getting a lot of HEADACHES lately and my nose started BLEEDING really bad out of no where at like 2:30 am and I was like what the heck? All I did was wipe my nose with my hand and BLOOD came pooring out. Anyway yeah I do really miss you and would like to hang out soon....I guess I could of put this in an e-mail but I wanted everyone to know I was sorry Not that anyone really cares but you and I!!!! But still anyway yeah I know you read my Journal so I figured id write it in here to I will e-mail you also...Anyway Hope to see you or talk to you soon I MISS YOU LOTS......MUAH SARA




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This Has been an Interesting week [22 Jan 2005|02:20pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Well This week went by Slow for real but it's okay i guess who knows hehe but i dunno i get to finally go to church tomorrow because i dont work until 6pm and i close so yeah that's cool hehe:) Anyway yeah i seen mike again he came over tuesday at 11:30 at night yeah and everyone was asleep but me i was freaking out because he said he was coming over but that was at 8:00 and that was when everyone was awake and my mom knew about it. So yeah he walked over here its 15 mins driving distance if not more so yeah it had to of taken him quite a while to walk over here and it was night time and it was snowy out. But yeah we hung out in My room for like 3 hours it was cool he's a cuttie or whatever but i dunno I think Paul is right i just need a really good friend like him right now to hang out with and talk to and then see where it goes no use in rushing into things. Ive been having a lot of issues with my ex boyfriend to he's been a total jerk to me and i havent even e-mailed him....I don't want or need to talk to him because i just don't but he's had his lil So called GF e-mail me on his Sn and Then he e-mailed me. So i took the Liberty in forwarding it to my brother and he took care of it then I blocked all his sns mail and ims so he can't talk to me anymore and i think i need to do the same on my other sn so yeah hehe...Well i need to go now because i have to go to work i havent updated in a while ive been busy been going to the movies and playing pool a lot with my Best Friend April well anyway off i go to work take care all and god bless.


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~BOYFRIENDLESS AGAIN~ [14 Jan 2005|01:20am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

I swear EVERY single guy I try to go out with ends up an asshole and its like I cling and get attached easily to assholes i mean....he was moving a little to fast for me last night but come to find out.....His sisters friend Katie who is also Friends with my cousin Megan...Was telling Megan Mike the Guy i was supposedly dating Tried to Finger her and she was asleep while he was doing so .....Ummm also he kissed her...oh yeah and she's only 15 years old and he is a 23 year old male...thankfuly Katie is not aloud over there ever again so that's good. My cousin is friends with mikes sister to she better not EVER go over there I swear I will kick his ass. But yeah I guess Maybe SomeDay soon I will find someone Im thinking about giving him a call later today and seeing what the hell is up so yeah Shit i dunno....But yeah until I do whatever I guess im boyfriendless I don't want a Boyfriend like that cuz he touches my cousin or any other girl besides me in any way and we'd have BIG TROUBLE specially if it was MEGAN my lil cuz which just turned 16.....I remember when I was sixteen I went bowling and Fell on MY ASS at the Bowling alley cuz i steped on the thing where your supposed to throw the ball Chris my So lovely brother in law has never let me live that down. Well anyway off i go on the search for my one and only true love whomever that may be.....??????????




If  Your Interested in a White Female age 20 and You live in St.Louis Drop Me an e-mail


SweetCuteRiotGrl@aol.com Yeah maybe I sound Like a Loser for writing that But I could Careless I need a Boyfriend I love having a boyfriend to spend time with and laugh with and cuddle and hold hands and stuff......?????? Yeah Its Warmth and Comfort I guess....I need that special someone I wish it would come fast most likely  NOT .....but whaever I hope soo hehe :( Well off I go Im going to chat Gimmie a hollar if ya wanna holla.



God Bless, Sara

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~MICHEAL JAMES KIDDWELL~ [13 Jan 2005|05:08pm]
[ mood | excited ]

WHOA THAT'S ALL I CAN REALLY TELL YOU GUYS IS WHOA OMG HOW DID IT HAPPEN?....Okay April Wanted me to meet her Friend Mike But she didnt tell me why but You know she was all you will think he's hott well I didnt think he'd like me WHOA I WAS WRONG AS EVER....but yeah he came over he called me cute almost all night we were Practically ALL OVER EACH OTHER okay let me back up WE WERE ALL OVER EACH OTHER. Anyway yeah ummm Im dating him now he's HOTT he has Blonde hair and Blue eyes he's supposed to meet the Family tonight so we will see Im scared lol. But yeah we made out and stuff thats all im really going to say that's all i can say cuz yeah but OMG HE'S HOTT HOTT HOTT. Anyway yeah I dunno if he will come over or even call tonight BUT I sure hope so ::Grins Eviley:: TeeHee. What Im totally INNOCENT? I promise I am im an angel people I promise anyway G2G call my cousin Really quick then see if Mikey Poo is going to call me Yay...Giggles.

God Bless,and Be GOOD,Sara

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~XoTimandSaraXo~ [10 Jan 2005|08:04pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Well I have some News that's Kinda Freaky Yet Sweet At the Same time...This Guy Tim that I have Been talking to That lives in NewYork....Made A Screen name and It is.... XoTimandSaraXo and I was like ummmm....Okay It was sweet yet Flattering Yet at the Same time SCARY....but I mean he's such a sweetheart....Im kinda Scurred..But it's all good...I guess lmao...But anyway yeah I dunno whats up with that then theres the fact that Last night I told shawn i think me and him are meant for each other and I do because every time we date someone else WE GET HURT....but when were together were happy and smiling and having a good time and it's 100% True because I mean it's always been like that He said he will have to think about it most likely he TOTALLY forgot but it's okay A lot of  People think that we Will be 2-Gether I dunno I kinda hope so I think we are meant to be 2-gether hehe He's funny and fun and nuts JUST LIKE I AM.....Oh and when i said this to Shawn he was like what about Paul???? Then he was like Jk Jk I was like well Paul's In love with Kitty so yeah...Shawn was like yeah i know and she's getting married I was like yeah i know that too lol....He's weird But anyway yeah Im done with the Journal For now TeeHee Hee I have issues I know this well gots ta go....GOD BLESS,Sara

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[08 Jan 2005|09:55pm]
[ mood | full ]

Yeah im just sitting here talking to kevin and getting ready to go to sleep....Cuz I gotta get up and Go to Church and then work then come back home oh joy hehe WORK fun fun...Lol im so excited I get to go to church Finally they changed my hours....Anyway yeah Im just i dunno what the hell im even saying but it's okay hehe I work 11:30-3:00 so it's all Good Im so happy i get to go to Church Im happy I miss going to Church and I need to get GOD back in my LIFE so that I can have a Better life too hehe....But I really can't help it when it has to do with work and When it comes to haveing a job I mean yeah i could say its against my Religion and risk getting fired and as long as it took me to get this Job i dont want to do that Because then i have to go look for another job I want to stay here at Kmart as long as I can Maybe Eventually I an work at....Hot Topic hehe that would ROCK...anyway yeah Im about to get going and stuff because I have a stomache ache and I need to get to bed so I can wake up and Go to Church....Well im off for Now cuz This guy is really getting on my damn nerves I swear Grrr...He's nice but he's annoying me.

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