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Well I have some News that's Kinda Freaky Yet Sweet At the Same time...This Guy Tim that I have Been talking to That lives in NewYork....Made A Screen name and It is.... XoTimandSaraXo and I was like ummmm....Okay It was sweet yet Flattering Yet at the Same time SCARY....but I mean he's such a sweetheart....Im kinda Scurred..But it's all good...I guess lmao...But anyway yeah I dunno whats up with that then theres the fact that Last night I told shawn i think me and him are meant for each other and I do because every time we date someone else WE GET HURT....but when were together were happy and smiling and having a good time and it's 100% True because I mean it's always been like that He said he will have to think about it most likely he TOTALLY forgot but it's okay A lot of  People think that we Will be 2-Gether I dunno I kinda hope so I think we are meant to be 2-gether hehe He's funny and fun and nuts JUST LIKE I AM.....Oh and when i said this to Shawn he was like what about Paul???? Then he was like Jk Jk I was like well Paul's In love with Kitty so yeah...Shawn was like yeah i know and she's getting married I was like yeah i know that too lol....He's weird But anyway yeah Im done with the Journal For now TeeHee Hee I have issues I know this well gots ta go....GOD BLESS,Sara

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