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WHOA THAT'S ALL I CAN REALLY TELL YOU GUYS IS WHOA OMG HOW DID IT HAPPEN?....Okay April Wanted me to meet her Friend Mike But she didnt tell me why but You know she was all you will think he's hott well I didnt think he'd like me WHOA I WAS WRONG AS EVER....but yeah he came over he called me cute almost all night we were Practically ALL OVER EACH OTHER okay let me back up WE WERE ALL OVER EACH OTHER. Anyway yeah ummm Im dating him now he's HOTT he has Blonde hair and Blue eyes he's supposed to meet the Family tonight so we will see Im scared lol. But yeah we made out and stuff thats all im really going to say that's all i can say cuz yeah but OMG HE'S HOTT HOTT HOTT. Anyway yeah I dunno if he will come over or even call tonight BUT I sure hope so ::Grins Eviley:: TeeHee. What Im totally INNOCENT? I promise I am im an angel people I promise anyway G2G call my cousin Really quick then see if Mikey Poo is going to call me Yay...Giggles.

God Bless,and Be GOOD,Sara
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