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I swear EVERY single guy I try to go out with ends up an asshole and its like I cling and get attached easily to assholes i mean....he was moving a little to fast for me last night but come to find out.....His sisters friend Katie who is also Friends with my cousin Megan...Was telling Megan Mike the Guy i was supposedly dating Tried to Finger her and she was asleep while he was doing so .....Ummm also he kissed her...oh yeah and she's only 15 years old and he is a 23 year old male...thankfuly Katie is not aloud over there ever again so that's good. My cousin is friends with mikes sister to she better not EVER go over there I swear I will kick his ass. But yeah I guess Maybe SomeDay soon I will find someone Im thinking about giving him a call later today and seeing what the hell is up so yeah Shit i dunno....But yeah until I do whatever I guess im boyfriendless I don't want a Boyfriend like that cuz he touches my cousin or any other girl besides me in any way and we'd have BIG TROUBLE specially if it was MEGAN my lil cuz which just turned 16.....I remember when I was sixteen I went bowling and Fell on MY ASS at the Bowling alley cuz i steped on the thing where your supposed to throw the ball Chris my So lovely brother in law has never let me live that down. Well anyway off i go on the search for my one and only true love whomever that may be.....??????????




If  Your Interested in a White Female age 20 and You live in St.Louis Drop Me an e-mail


SweetCuteRiotGrl@aol.com Yeah maybe I sound Like a Loser for writing that But I could Careless I need a Boyfriend I love having a boyfriend to spend time with and laugh with and cuddle and hold hands and stuff......?????? Yeah Its Warmth and Comfort I guess....I need that special someone I wish it would come fast most likely  NOT .....but whaever I hope soo hehe :( Well off I go Im going to chat Gimmie a hollar if ya wanna holla.



God Bless, Sara

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