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This Has been an Interesting week

Well This week went by Slow for real but it's okay i guess who knows hehe but i dunno i get to finally go to church tomorrow because i dont work until 6pm and i close so yeah that's cool hehe:) Anyway yeah i seen mike again he came over tuesday at 11:30 at night yeah and everyone was asleep but me i was freaking out because he said he was coming over but that was at 8:00 and that was when everyone was awake and my mom knew about it. So yeah he walked over here its 15 mins driving distance if not more so yeah it had to of taken him quite a while to walk over here and it was night time and it was snowy out. But yeah we hung out in My room for like 3 hours it was cool he's a cuttie or whatever but i dunno I think Paul is right i just need a really good friend like him right now to hang out with and talk to and then see where it goes no use in rushing into things. Ive been having a lot of issues with my ex boyfriend to he's been a total jerk to me and i havent even e-mailed him....I don't want or need to talk to him because i just don't but he's had his lil So called GF e-mail me on his Sn and Then he e-mailed me. So i took the Liberty in forwarding it to my brother and he took care of it then I blocked all his sns mail and ims so he can't talk to me anymore and i think i need to do the same on my other sn so yeah hehe...Well i need to go now because i have to go to work i havent updated in a while ive been busy been going to the movies and playing pool a lot with my Best Friend April well anyway off i go to work take care all and god bless.

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