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~This Goes Out To Paul~

Im sorry I didn't e-mail you tell you that I didn't feel well enough to go to church I feel bad now for not e-mailing you and I don't want you thinking that it's not that i don't want to go I didn't feel like getting out of bed Ive been getting a lot of HEADACHES lately and my nose started BLEEDING really bad out of no where at like 2:30 am and I was like what the heck? All I did was wipe my nose with my hand and BLOOD came pooring out. Anyway yeah I do really miss you and would like to hang out soon....I guess I could of put this in an e-mail but I wanted everyone to know I was sorry Not that anyone really cares but you and I!!!! But still anyway yeah I know you read my Journal so I figured id write it in here to I will e-mail you also...Anyway Hope to see you or talk to you soon I MISS YOU LOTS......MUAH SARA




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