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~I Just Realized Something~

I Just totally Realized something....I was Reading Paul's Journal and reading the Comment Shawn had made and how He wrote about Alyassa and How Paul Had wrote about Kitty and stuff.... I came to a Conclusion It's an odd one but it's a conclusion so here it goes if i sound like an idiot so be it if not that's GREAT!!!!!!!!!!



Shawn Used to talk about Alyssa all the Time Shawn hurt me bad...

I went out with Eric...he hurt me bad

Paul Came along and he was in love with Kitty and still is....?

Where I fit in ....Im just the one who has been left out in the cold my conclusion is Im kinda Jealous that Paul

Likes kitty so much and not me but it's okay another weird thing i was Jealous when Shawn was with Alyssa i wouldnt admit it but i was....My Theory Is that Shawn and Paul are both a lot alike and I fell for shawn..But i doubt me and him could ever be now when i first met Paul I thought Maybe I had a chance with him  but i don't think i ever will.

Im fine being Friend's with Shawn and Paul that's Great all im saying is Paul couldn't of came into my life at a better time. I was Hurting Deeply from Eric and I didn't know what to do about it now I admit to this day i still love Eric....But

After all ths stuff he  has said and done to me I dunno if i could take him back or not My love for him totally changed and

turned into Pure Discust...to where I just can't stand to even hear his name let alone talk to or go out with him again.

Maybe Paul's Right maybe I need a GREAT FRIEND instead of a BF right now...I dunno if he will ever see me in the way that id like him to see me. My Theory is that He NEVER WILL...not only because he don't want to date me now but because he's DEEPLY in love with Kitty but even though she's to be married the love will not fade I can say that for sure because after all me and eric have been through i still love his jerky ass. Paul and Shawn are a lot alike in a lot of ways except shawn is a bit evil at times but deep down I know shawn has a Good Heart...I know shawn didn't hurt me on Purpose...I think that Either one of these two would be more then perfect for me  but then I dunno because..once again.

Paul Is In Love With Kitty

Shawn Most likely would take Alyssa Back in a split second so i dunno.

It's not that im trying to Find Love I just Know Paul and Shawn are a lot alike...I think if i dated Shawn again id get hurt

Paul I dunno so much about but I think and everyone ive talked to about this thinks he would Be Great for me

and that we would be Great Together but No One can Compare to Alyssa and Kitty so once again im Shit Out Of Luck Im Sara Not Alyssa and Not Kitty oh well....Maybe one of my Guy friend's Doesn't have an Alyssa or Kitty I have a big Crush on Mike I doubt that would last either oh well....FRIEND'S ARE ALWAYS GREAT TO HAVE.




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