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~Shawn Called Me Tonight~

Okay Dude this sucks not that shawn Called but that Mike called when I was on the Phone with Shawn not once not twice not three times not four times not five times not six times not seven times not eight times not nine times not ten times nine eleven times not twelve times not thirteen times not fourteen times not fifteen times not sixteen times not seventeen times not eighteen times not nineteen times but TWENTY Times YES TWENTY Oh My he must of really wanted to talk to me Man i feel special and as hott as he is Oh My man i dunno....It was weird i talked to shawn for 3 hours and he was all Paul likes you im like yeah as a Friend he goes no he really likes you i was like Shawn whatever i know how full of shit he is....Plus i know Paul's In Love with Kitty still so he Can't possibly like me. Anyway Shawn said he called Paul how true that is I dunno. But I wouldn't put it past him at all. Because this Is Shawn we are talking about. But anyway Yeah  He was all you should ask Paul out i was like Nope because he don't want to go out with me.....Shoot I dunno but Shawn is full of it and ive known him for almost 2 years and It took me a year to figure him out all the way he thinks a lot of things are a joke and there not so yeah...But anyway Im off for now I know Paul doesn't like me like that if he did im sure he'd say something so Shawn is just Bullshitting Like always anyway im going to bed Now Im Rather sleepy not to mention PISSED OFF....That I missed Mike's 20 call's dammit!!!! IT'S  YOUR FAULT SHAWN LMAO Oh well I will talk to him later no biggie...teehee Take Care Everyone and Enjoy My Messed up life whoo hoo.....God Bless All and Paul I know Shawn's a Kidder you don't have to worry about me thinking you want to date me i know that's more then 1000000% Definitly Not true Just thought Id tell you well all have a Good Night...Mike I don't think you have AOL but I hope You call me Today or Something I miss you already I miss you anywayz that is hehe Nighty Night Nite Knight Peoplez....and to all SweetDreams and GOD BLESS.



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