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~Mike Didn't Call Me Tonight Go Figure~

He Will Probably try to call me if I talk to this guy on here off the Internet who knows....Well oh well It's cool with me...I got to Talk to Paul today for like 2 mins:) That's awesome But sux at the same time because it was such a short period of time. Anyway yeah I guess im going to get off Of here I guess Mike doesn't want to talk to me or whatever so im going to go....and go to sleep although I wish he would call i think he started to call around 1:44 last night and stopped at 1:55 which is eleven minutes which turned into 20 phone calls....Gosh he really knows my number By now lmao. Watch he will call all day while Im gone I will be so PISSED-OFF. I dunno i wish he'd call me tonight so I can at least hear his voice:( Maybe I will listen to the Voicemail he left me like a week ago just to hear his SEXY voice before I take myself off to sleepy land. Well Hear I go Im going to go now hehe I think i will listen to his Voice Really quick.

On the Voice Mail he Says and "I QUOTE"

"Hey Sara It's Mike Hit Me Up Later Peace"

He sounds so Cute when he says it to he has a soft but firm sexy voice I just think he's so Adorable I guess i got my MIKE FIX for now
:( Even though I don't get to Communicate with him on the phone or In Person which in PERSON would Be soooo much better....HE'S HOTT HOTT HOTT LOL anyway yeah im off now for sure whoa it's 1:44 but he's not calling BIG BUMMER:( Maybe he will soon Dammit he better.

Night Night Mikey Poo baby my SWEETY:) MUAH XOXO

God Bless All,Sara
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