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~Yay I got A hold of Mike~

I Finally got a hold of mike Im so excited and Im glad that he's not mad at me and still wants to talk to me he thought I blocked his Number because it Wont go through it hangs up everytime he dials my number that happens to my cousin when she calls here and to steven and to my sister melissa i told him maybe its the Overland Berkeley Phone Connection Shoot I dunno or maybe Our phone line is POSSESSED. lmao Anyway he told me to call him at 1:50 if he hasnt called by then and I plan to do so. He has to go to work soon hehe he was like and Get Paid yay. Oh yeah Paul Terri Did call me and I Will be at Church this sunday hun:) And she told me about the Right Of Exceptance coming up on Febuary 13th i believe? Well anyway I just thought Id update a little bit im off for now because i have to call mike in like Three minutes it looks like he didn't get through not to sure but it's okay I miss him he's a lil cuttie. Well Gotta Go for now Take care all PAUL I MISS YOU LOTS CAN'T wait to see you CUTTIE.

God Bless All,Sara
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