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~Jeff Met My Mom~

Well My mom finally Met Jeff I think things are going rather well i'd like to see him tomorrow but i doubt i will be able to so im not sure i still need to call my dad and see if Jeff can come with us to my brothers house I dunno if he will let him Though I think i may have to call my brother and ask him i may not even see if he can go though im not sure yet id rather see him tomorrow i dunno though if im going to be able to see him tomorrow or not I  hope soo I miss him already:( He's such a sweety I wonder when April is coming over she's supposed to be coming over tonight. With Jeff though im taking things EXTREMLY SLOW because im not about to get hurt again im not saying he will hurt me but i dunno if he's the one for me or if im the one for him you know? But anyway yeah I guess Im just going to have to see what happens so far so good Im finally off tomorrow YAY:) I get a day off finally My mom keeps telling me I need to go back to Church and I know I do but they keep either sechduling me and I would of went last week but No she just totally pissed me off because she got mad at me for wanting to go to church instead of some Parade that i didn't go to anyway because she said if im going to have an attitude she didn't want me to go which i didn't even have an attitude i may of been a bit Grouchy but....Because it was Morning time But I wasn't getting an Attitude which really aggervates me because It made me miss Church Which really pisses me off because i made a Promise to Paul and Terri and they probably hate me now and think im a pathalogical liar and im not at all I LOVE CHURCH HOLY TRINITY ESPECIALLY:) Well anyway Wait I think I can go to The right of Exceptance I need to get Terris number from paul or something well anyway Im off for now Take care all. TaTa for now hehe.


God Bless,Sara

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