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~I Feel Sick and Sad~

I Feel like shit and It's not even cool I have been listening to this Nelly Song for like 2 hours or more ma n I swear I think im going to go lay down until my mom gets home then I think im going to lay down after we eat im so damn tired not even cool man I havent heard from Jeff yet which really sucks Because his phone is not on yet I wish he'd go to Brians house and just call me to let me know he's there and okay and everything and that he's just thinking about me or something gosh is that so much tooo Freaking ask? But anyway Im going to go lay down until MOMMA CRABS gets home I swear I need to go to sleep my back feels a little better April rubbed my back. Jonathan came to pick her up he was like are you going with us I was like No he was like Oh and looked kinda sad he goes i want to drive you down the Street in my Truck i was like hmm Hell? Lol he Still has a Big CRUSH on me he's a cuttie but he's a lil young for me but it's cool he's a good Friend that's it well off I go i have a badass headache I just need to lay down under the fan i feel really DIZZY and SICK maybe if i feel like this I wont be going to work.But I always go to work no matter if im sick or not except that one time I called into work when I didn't feel so well and that one time they sent me home early cuz i felt absolutly CRAPPY. Well night All I will be back later MUAH.

God Bless, Sara


Jeff I miss you baby boy:(

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