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~Chris N Sara~

Well Just so the People Know that I have a New and Very Improved Boyfriend I thought id write it in here his name is Chris and I havent felt like this for someone since Eric and I feel Deeper feelings for Chris then i ever have for anyone else and I know I dont update here Often and I most likely wont Because Im always on STLPUNK but I just thought Id LET EVERYBODY on here know and anyone else who would like to know that I LOVE CHRIS. Well anyway who cares what anyone Else thinks I LOVE YOU CHRIS MY BABY....HOPEFULLY he will be in my arms from now until all eternity and we shall have everlasting love until FOREVER AND EVER. Anyway yeah Im off for now I think Chris is still reading this Journal i dont care I have NOTHING to hide I want it to be known that he's all mine if i get hurt it'll be worth it because i got to be with him for the amount of time i got to be with him...Hopefully i wont because pain is not something that heals in one day and my emotions are soooo strrong about him it would make me be a DEPRESSED PSYCHO again and I definitly don't want that. SO ALL I ASK IS THAT YOU CHRIS BE WITH ME AND NEVER HURT ME AND I KNOW I SURELY WILL DO THE SAME.




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