Gc Riot Girl (like_a_pill) wrote,
Gc Riot Girl

Guess Who's Back.....? Yes It's ME!!!!

Well I never thought id say this but boy oh boy was i an idiot to like all these stupid internet guys i mean some of them are nice yeah but omg what the fuck was i thinking? I mean really? Oh well its all good i guess lol Im back though and i do like someone that ive liked ever since before i met eric but it stopped cuz i fell for eric. His name is jonathan and i have a date with him saturday which mind you i can't wait until. I just hope it all works out. Cuz i know he likes me and i like him i just dont want him to go out with me and then me get hurt again cuz im soo not ready for that. Anyway all seems to be going okay so far. The chick i cant stand at work got fired and im really happy because she was nothing but a loud mouth backstabbing 2 timing gossip seeking BITCH and she was sooo annoying so im happy she's gone Kmart is now a much better place:) Well im off hopefully the Date with Jay goes well cuz that will be Great Off i go cuz im getting tired of typing.

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