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Single and Okay with It

Well im single now and okay with it. I was with Eric's best friend Josh and now we are just friends i dunno what to make of stuff anymore i have finally taken Ronya and Beckys and Aprils and everyone elses advice to take it easy and slow and get to know the person be friends with them then go into a relationship. So that i dont get hurt so fastly and badly. So yeah but i do still want to be with josh in a way. I was talking to Maria today and we seem to be a lot a like when it comes to relationships which is odd. Its kinda awesome to because we understand each other. I havent updated in forever because i have Stl.Punk My Space and Then Yahoo blog so ive been on my space mainly lately talking to people and friends cool huh? Lol anyway yeah maybe me and Josh will get back together in the future. He just doesnt know what he wants right now and he has a full time job now. and he said it was him not me and he still wants to be friends he kept apoligizing and everything. I really hope we get back together someday. He thinks we jumped into a Relationship too fast which is kinda true considering i havent seen him in over a year last time i seen him i was dating his best friend Eric and that was hella long ago. Well anyway im thinking something good may come out of all of this. Cuz ive been talking to ben and he seems to like me and i like him but i dont want a bf right now. I just want to take it easy and slow as i should do anyway. Well yeah but i got my heart set on Josh but we'll see what happens well im off for now i'll update again soon. If i dont forget....Sara
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