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Well I have a New Boyfriend His name is Jeff I dunno how well it's going to work out so im not going to get all excited about it just yet because i mean we have hung out and he does call me and i am going to see him tomorrow. Well actually he's coming to see me tomorrow. Were picking him up at a mall im not saying which one cuz there's crazy people on the Net and Im not about to have my BF be Hurt You lil Fuckers lmao anyway yeah I havent really been up to Nothing Except Working working working that's it for me oh yeah and hanging out with Friend's trying to Catch up on my sleep and what not like that. Well Yeah I dunno i need to get my life Straigtened out I need to see my family more I need to get Back to Church I need to work and spend time with friend's Damn there's not enough time to do so much lol. But I can do it the reason I didnt go to Church last weekend was because my mom yelled at me and said I never go anywhere with her and The boys aka my nephews and wanted me to go to the Pet Parade and we got in a Huge fight and she said I never wanted to do Family Oriented things and so i yelled and said Fine i guess i will go with you and then i guess i just lied to Paul and Terri when I made them a Promise and I totally intended to go to CHURCH until she yelled at me ...Then she woke me up and said something to me about going to the Parade and I said yeah i'll be up in a Minute and I was just waking up and she said well if your going to have an attitude then I dont want you to go and slammed the door. So then I went back to sleep So then she was mad at me for not going to the Parade...Made me cry that night because she said i didn't love my nephews and all that and all i care about is myself and all that and It's not true and I just Was Balling So Paul this Is Why i Didn't go to Church if you don't believe me you can ask my mom.

God Bless,Sara
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