Gc Riot Girl (like_a_pill) wrote,
Gc Riot Girl

~The Real Deal On Jeff~

Okay I have a Story To tell You all it's about Jeff what you read in the last...Entry well I have a More in Depth Story for you well here it goes...April Orignally started talking to him here online....She Orignally liked him and Then he was going to choose between me and her then me and Jeff Started talking on the Phone April didn't care she already gave me the go ahead and since neither one of Us met him yet I figured she wouldn't care as in if he would of asked her out I wouldn't of cared well Anyway he ended up asking me to Be his Girlfriend On January 28th 2005Okay the Weird thing about that is my ex Eric asked me out on April 28th 2004 and Eric's Birthday is June 28th 1986 Yeah that's damn scary omg I dunno what it is with the 28th not to mention the 8th of June I lost my Virginity which is weird cuz its one of the numbers of 28 odd huh? Well anyway yeah so I already met Jeff I dunno when I can't remember the date lmao but i do Remember it was at Cue In Cushion Pool Hall. Yeah Which is good because it's different from where i met eric I was just comparing things you know which you know after i met Jeff the Next day I seen him:) Anyway Yeah I guess It's just Weird to me because the 28TH day keeps coming up and it's like Ummm what is up with the 28TH day that's weird to me but I guess it's just a day lol I mean Im not going to say its a sign and that Im going to be back with Eric  because that will never Happen....The other weird thing is they have the Same Last Name and it's spelled the same MEYERS...oh yeah and is middle name is Michael which  is ever Weirder that's Shawn and Paul's Middle name not to mention my Brother Shawn's middle name and my baby nephew Shawn's Middle name I may have spelled their middle name wrong but oh well No worries hehe. Well I just guess I found it all a Bit Weird and had to get it all out to see if anyone but me thought it was weird anyway im off to bed I dunno if....Jeff Is Going to call me back tonight or not I hope he does because I want to talk to him and I miss him he's such a sweety hehe...He is finally a guy who isnt all about sex Thank You Jesus!!!! Well off I go Im rather sleepy Take Care Everyone and God Bless Sleep well and Have a Great day today:)


God Bless,Sara

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