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People I Swear

People I Swear They need to learn the Facts about certain things and or people before they open there mouths they really do. I hate when people do that. I know plenty about MLK and all the Black History month stuff and What not. Im not RACIST....If i was i wouldn't have black Friend's. Or i wouldn't fucking talk to black people. GOSH Theres a Difference between Niggers and Black people Niggers can be.......................................... WHITE,BLACK,MEXICAN,CHINESE,INDIAN,VIETNAMEASE,Or whatever GOSH people you act like im racist and i went to all black schools all my fucking life except my junior and senior year so when i switched schools i was expecting it to be WORSE...but it wasnt worse we were all equal There i learned a hell of a lot from RITENOUR....when i went there a hell of a lot more then i ever would of At BERKELY.....Discrimination sux i was one of fucking 5 white kids and i was about the only girl there so i had no other choice but to fucking listen to everything and learn about it and like it or not they were going to do it. Its not a big deal just get sick of it cuz everyone makes a BIG FUCKING Deal out of it. Yes MLK was a GREAT Man i undestand that it's just im tired of it being shoved in my fucking face. Cuz it was shoved even more then anyone will ever know when i was in PUBLIC school aka BERKELEY. Well im off that's all i got to say for today.

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